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XP    Reviews

                   XP 15            
The XP 15 is a great back-up
weapon.  Small, cheap, low capacity
and rare. I've never really seen the gun
my self, but it sounds like a OK gun if 
you are going to use it as a backup,
otherwise I wouldn't even look.
                  XP  20
 About the same as the XP 40 only
a smaller capacity. A nice backup 
gun [but I would perfer 15] with a 
better capacity than the XP 15.
Easy to pump, but I wouln't use
it in a real water fight.
                  XP 40
 About the same as the XP 20 except
for a bigger capacity and different color.
                  XP 70
    A nice gun with an air -tank that 
shots decently far. This is a good first
Super Soaker and it's cheap. Probaly
better than the 85 if there are less people
in your water-fight because it shots farther.
                  XP 85
     A little nifty gun that shots in 3 directions.
It shots almost or about the same as the 
XP 70. XP 70 costs about the same price,
but 85 is just a little more expensive. It is 
better than the 70 IF you play with more 
                  XP 110
      The best XP gun in my opinon.
It costs a lot more, almost as much as 
the CPS 1000, about 15.99.  It has a 
pressure guage and 2 air tanks. I 
recommend you get this gun or XP 105.

CPS    Reviews

                       CPS 1000
   This gun costs about as much as
the XP 110 if its on sale.  It goes 
far compared to the XP versions
and gets you soaked, but with only
5x more water than an XP.
                       CPS 1500
    This gun is about the same as the 
as the 1000, but a look bigger and 
with 2 choices of water sprays [5x 
or 10x]. It's worth the money, if you
find it on sale about 20.00
                       CPS 2000
    A great gun with a little more
capacity than the 1500, but only
1 choice of spray.  It's got an easy
pumping system that tells how much 
water you have after pumping.
                       CPS 2500
 Probaly my favoite Super Soaker. 
It holds about as much as the 2000
but with 3 spray choices! It has
most of the same features as the 
                      CPS 3000
  This gun holds 2 gallons of water 
and 4 spray choices! It cost about 
$40.00 and weighs a lot, but it is
most peoples favorite gun. It has 
a few of the same features as the 
2500.  This is most peoples favorite
gun, but it slows you down a lot!