Drenched!    Water    Tips    [props]

If you are smart in a water fight, you won't just use water guns and water ballons. If you don't have enought people to guard your base you could use "Land- Mines". To make a land-mine, dig a little hole and stick a water ballon in it. Cover it with grass and when someone steps on it from the other team and DRENCHED! There are also ways to keep from getting wet. Get a box from a Super Soaker and make a small handle on the back and use it as a shield. Commmunicate with your team-mates. Mabye you are to far away, but what did they invent walkie-talkies for anyway?

Drenched!    Water    Tips    [making    there    team    surrender]

Make your enemies surrender! The most common way to do that is to have a cps 2500 and put your gun up to someones head that has a xp 70. You say "surrender, or I'll drench you," usually they will surrender. The other way is to start an ambush! Have bait launch an attack on your enemies base! Then have bait run back to all your people. Then they have 3 people coming back to get you and you have most your team ready to get those 3 or whatever number it might be. Then make them surrender. Take them somewhere where you can tie them up. Then one of there teammates will come to rescue them and you have 2-infinaty prisoners!

Drenched!Water    Tips!    [stopping    them    from    getting    "u"    and    your    team!

If you want your team to win you more importantly want to be less wet than try to get the other team wet. Avoid traveling on open spots were there could be ambushes. Wear camaflauge out-fits so they don't see you. Never go to the other teams base alone. You might run out of water, so it's a good idea to cary a little 6' water-gun. Never go to raid a base with one water ballon, once you throw it your're out of ammo! So be care-ful out there. Remember it's better to stay dry then have them totally Drenched!

Drenched! Tips [new]

Tie a water ballon on both ends of a string. Lay the string on a branch and have one of the ballons higher [better if hidden] and one ballon lower. If the eneimes see this they will problay take the lower ballon, not knowing the higher ballon would be ther, pulling it of and the the higher ballon falls of and DRENCHED! them!